Installation, Erection & Commissioning:

Extending its operations to plant installation, erection & commissioning Sigma Engineering Technology has completed a number of EPC projects up till now and well appreciated by local as well as multinational customers. In order to ensure firm control on productivity, progress, efficiency and cost, Sigma Engineering Technology utilizes integrated project management system which enables us to have a strong focus on efficient utilization of manpower and equipment to complete the project in time within budgeted cost and specified quality & safety parameters.

The services include:

⦁ Fabrication of Storage Tanks & Silos
⦁ Fabrication of Ducts, Hoppers & Stacks
⦁ Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structure
⦁ Fabrication & Installation of Piping
⦁ Installation of Plant Equipment
⦁ Commissioning of Plant Equipment

⦁ Insulation  & Cladding
⦁ Sandblasting & Painting
⦁ Pressure & Vacuum Testing
⦁ Installation of Lighting Systems
⦁ Electrification & Instrumentation
⦁ Inspection & Testing

Plant Maintenance and Shutdown:

Plant maintenance and shutdown services comes to be an hallmark of our key business for which Sigma Engineering Technology has been rated as Top Tagged company by many of our local as well as multinational customers. We share our expertise and broad skills through multidisciplinary and experienced team of professionals along with complete backup of skilled manpower, latest plant & machinery from our manufacturing facility to carry out the plant maintenance and shutdown activities in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner.