SET (Sigma Engineering Technology)

SET (Sigma Engineering Technology) is established on June, 2014 and is working to improve the resources & capacity of engineering set-up.

Industrial Process Automation plays an important role in the overall performance, efficiency and reliability of all industrial processes. That’s why the Sigma Engineering Technology has focused on Process optimization in industrial sectors.

With our innovative problem solving approach, engineering expertise and multiple sources of technologies in one house, we can seamlessly integrate a system for overall operation. Thus, our professional integrated engineering systems improve productivity, product quality and reduce product cost.

We have confidence in that the best solution for process industry is much  more  than just selecting the appropriate equipment that  meets  requirements. Our objective is to impart the most effective, efficient, consistent and high endurance incorporated system solutions to our esteemed clients.

The optimum solution always begins with an unbiased evaluation of Industrial process. It requires inspired concept about unique needs, and careful deliberation of how to satisfy them. We take special care of all such needs to the satisfaction of our customers.